3,2,1… let’s go!

7:00 am: Waking up with the song of birds, the first rays of the sun will bring us vitamin D which we have been missing all winter and the trees will bud … happiness at its peak ☺

Everything to boost us and prepare for this summer season…

8: 00: My leggings or corsair from the B’Sportswear range donned I’m ready for my jogging, mixing the useful with the pleasant. Well-being for body and mind!

We wake up our brain very slowly, we fight against aging of the body, especially we act on our skin! We fight against cellulite, we smooth our skin, we hydrate it by the simple fact of wearing it!

9:00 am: I didn’t run for an hour don’t worry, I walked for 10 min, 20 min of jogging without forcing, and then 20 min of QI GONG. A good warm shower and a jet of cold water to firm it all up !!!

9:30 am: I keep going, after the shower, I put on my slimming jeans adapted to my luscious forms 😉 and I leave for work.

1:00 p.m .: Lunch break, I’m careful to eat fruits and vegetables, come on, I’ll give myself a nice little dessert with my tea at the end.

16:30: For those who have children to recover, it’s calories burned for free 😉 Remember that you wear jeans that act on cellulite at your slightest gesture.

20:00: Dinner with our fruits and vegetables. But after this crazy day I give myself a little ice cream, very small that will not hurt me 😉

Wait, I wore my B’Slim all day long, I still have the right to have fun !!!!

Especially since I was told that men love shapes, but I too love them but I master them by having perfect skin thanks to my Slimming Secret.

With B’Slim I’m ready to be radiant not only in summer but all year…