Yes to the skirts, yes to the shorts, yes to the swimsuits !!

For this summer transparency is in the spotlight, with nighties to go out, transparent skirts and dresses ...

Who says transparency, says to expose our body, then prepare your skin with your slimming clothes which will smooth your skin and reduce your cellulite!

Goodbye orange peel !!

Obviously why not continue your anti-dimpling treatment, in prevention and for more insurance this summer?

We recommend our panties which will delight each of you. Two super nice prices for 100% Italian quality.

The first with a tip top price that will delight all women with a small budget and the other seamless panty that will make you have a second skin effect and will be very soft to wear, under a dress, skirt or even transparent, you will feel good about yourself.

Panty with or without sewing it's up to you 😉

Love B’S