One-piece pantyhose in our wardrobe. We don’t even think about it!

We have two or three pairs in our drawer. Because it goes fast, but because when we go out, we always have a little fashion skirt or leather mini shorts in our closet that requires that it be worn with beautiful tights.

But be careful not just any!

Opaque tights are needed 😉 for that I totally agree with our sublime Christina Cordula although we are not always of the same opinion;).

(Aside: Christina you are gorgeous but leggings are nice especially when it goes to all the morphos and it acts on the skin, you just have to know how to wear it with class 😉)

So girls, we still have to go to the showers of March so your opaque tights that will make your legs smooth, smooth, smooth and velvety.

Love B’S